The fascination with nature and architecture is clearly visible in my design language. Wind, rain, lines, trees, clouds, shadows, light, color. It is usually the combination of clear shapes and lines, something familiar and unassuming, that catches my interest and I often get to hear that I work with simple shapes. I like the balance between simple and difficult, diffuse and clear. And I think a simple shape is not always obvious. Sometimes it takes several months to produce a shape and I often work parallel with different projects, mainly to get distance to the process and then there is a lot of waiting time when working with plaster, ceramics and glass.

My practice is very much about proportions and angles, every millimeter choice will both be seen and felt. It is important to understand this and at the same time adapt to the different qualities of the material. I choose to do my sketch work in plaster, usually on the lathe. The methodical and determined way of working that is needed to work with turning in plaster suits me more than the exact and careful in sketching with a pencil on paper. There is a lot in the physical feeling of a form, the three-dimensional experience is for me one of the best parts of making and being a maker.


2020-2022 Konstfack, MA CRAFT!
2017-2020 Konstfack, BA Ceramics & Glass
2013-2015 Vårdinge By Folkhögskola, Ceramics

2020 BLIXTVISIT, besöksutställning, Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum, Stockholm
2020 PARALLELS, digital utställning som ersätter vårutställningen på Konstfack
2019 A SPOT, Strindbergs museet, Stockholm
2019 SPRING, Boo Trädgård, Stockholm
2019 KLIMATSALONGEN, Gamla Residenset, Nyköping
2018 ONE SIZE FISH ALL, Gärdets fisk och deli, Stockholm

2022 Guest teacher at Vårdinge Folkhögskola, art & craft department
2021 Guest teacher at Konstfack, ceramics & glass department
2020 Co-founder of Craft and stuff studio, together with Cornelia Dahlin
2016 Trainee at Jan Sandblom
2015 Trainee at Jan Sandblom

2021 Fabrikör JL Eklunds Hantverkssiftelse
2020 Fabrikör JL Eklunds Hantverkssiftelse
2019 Fabrikör JL Eklunds Hantverkssiftelse